Implant abutments are structures that are placed on implants to secure tooth replacements. These abutments can be made in different shapes and materials, depending on the dental situation and individual needs. Examples of some implant abutment types are:

  • Zirconia abutment: zirconia is a metal-free material that is placed on the implant and used to secure all-ceramic crowns or bridges.
  • Titanium abutment: Titanium is a metal alloy that is often used for implants and subsequent abutments.
  • Metallic-based abutments: These are made of a metal alloy, also used for fixing crowns or bridges.
  • Multi-unit abutments: These are systems that allow the simultaneous treatment of several implants and the fixation of the prosthesis to be placed on them.

Implant abutments can be factory-made, after-market, or custom-designed and manufactured in a milling centre.